VeryFunny – NewEgg Item Out of Stock… For 7 Months!

I was browsing through some products on NewEgg when I stumbled upon this Kingston SSD. It did a double-take on the ETA and couldn’t believe how far away the ETA was. It was roughly 7 months from the time I saw this. Check out the screenshot for some proof. Talk about a bad case of “back-order”.

What happens when an item is out-of-stock?

We do not sell merchandise that we don’t have in-stock, which is why we provide a convenient Auto-Notify feature. Simply click the Auto-Notify button and fill in your email address, and you’ll receive an e-mail notification as soon as the product becomes available for purchase.

Can I pre-order a product that is not yet in stock?

Yes, but pre-orders are only offered for certain items. At this time, most of our products are not eligible for pre-order. If you do see the item has the ‘pre-order’ button on the product page, you may add it to your shopping cart. Promotion Codes may not be used in conjunction with pre-order items.

Marketplace: Pre-ordering is not currently available for items offered for purchase from Newegg Marketplace sellers

Can I back order an item that is out-of-stock?

No. Because we cannot always predict when and how much inventory will become available, we cannot accept backorders. To receive an e-mail notification as soon as the out-of-stock product becomes available for purchase, simply click the Auto-Notify button and fill in your email address.

I received an Auto-Notify email indicating that a product is now in stock. But when I check the website, the product is out-of-stock. Why?

It’s likely that the product you’re interested in sold out soon after it became available for purchase. To give yourself the best chance of getting an item you’re interested in, place an order immediately after receiving an auto-notify email.

Source: Product Link  |  FAQs

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