The Ultimate LAMP Setup Guide: CentOS 6.8 + Apache 2.2 + MySQL 5.7 + PHP 7.0

Clean Slate

Make sure you don’t have Apache, MySQL or PHP already installed:

If anything pulls up, go ahead and remove it. We are going to re-install everything below.

Install 3rd party repos

Apache 2.2

Install the latest apache server

MySQL 5.7

Install the latest mysql server community server repo

Edit your newly installed repo

This is how this file should look, notice the top two are enabled and the bottom 5.7 release is enabled but the rest are disabled

Update yum to recognize your changes

Now that yum sees myql 5.7 and not 5.6 or 5.5, you can proceed to install mysql-server

This is how things should look, notice the 5.7.x version numbers for mysql-server


PHP 7.0

Install php 7 with a bunch of goodies


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