The Top 10 Best Website Tour JavaScript Libraries

1) Bootstrap Tour

The easiest way to show people how to use your website.

2) Shepherd

Guide your users through a tour of your app.

3) Intro.js

Step-by-step guide and feature introduction

4) EnjoyHint

Interactive Guided Tours Through Your Site/App

5) Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a framework to make it easy for developers to add product tours to their pages. Hopscotch accepts a tour JSON object as input and provides an API for the developer to control rendering the tour display and managing the tour progress.

6) Bootstro.js

Tiny JS library using bootstrap’s popovers to help guide your users around your website.

7) Pageguide by SolarWinds

An interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3

8) aSimpleTour

This is a jQuery plugin that will help you to make website tours.

9) jQuery Guide

A jQuery plugin that new layout or new features using guide

10) anno.js

Better step-by-step guides for powerful web apps.

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