[SCAM] Apple Mac Users Beware, Fake Virus Warning 888-441-3515

A family friend of recently called me one afternoon claiming their Apple iMac had a virus and was on the phone with “Apple Support” to fix it. As you can imagine, I was immediately very skeptical.

As soon as I heard it’s going to cost “X” to fix, I immediately told them to hang up the phone and unplug the computer.

I asked if they would bring their computer to my office so I could take a closer look.

Upon further exploration, I found a few apps that got installed for “remote support” — quickly deleted those.

Based on this information, this company is scamming people from unwanted popups by tricking them into calling a 1-800 number, posing as an apple employee and then trying to gain “remote access” to your computer, to fix a virus that isn’t there, probably to just get more valuable ($$$) information out of you.

Here’s the phone number:


That number routes back to “Tech Ninja Help”, a company out of California.






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