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The all new iPad 3 has arrived. It will be released on March 16, 2012. Pricing starts out at $499 for the base in black or white for the Wifi only model. The new iPad delivers the same 10 hours of battery life, and 4G is 9 hours. It remains amazingly thin at 9.4mm and light at 1.5 pounds. 499, 599, and 699 for 16, 32, and 64GB. 629, 729, and 829 with 4G — same prices. March 16th!

The new iPad 3 sports the new Retina Display with 2048 x 1536 resolution. When you turn on that new iPad you’re going to see graphics, text, icons sharper than you can imagine. Everything you do is going to look stunning. Put another way, you all have an HDTV at home , 1080p — an iPad has more pixels. That’s incredible.

Also included on this new list of updates is the new A%X chip. We needed even more horsepower for the new iPad and its Retina Display, so we created the A5X chip. What’s the x for? Quad-core graphics. How’s it compare?” 4x the performance, “It’s a graphics powerhouse. This is the best mobile display that has ever shipped, and it’s a real revolution. That’s the first feature.

Second feature: an iSight camera. As you know, on the front of our iPad we have a FaceTime camera. The new iPad has a great rear iSight camera — we brought the optics system from the iPhone 4S. Auto-exposure, auto-focus, auto-face detection, great edge-to-edge detail, AF-lock, “It is just a blast to use.”

Number three: HD video recording now in 1080p resolution! Wherever you are, you’ve got a great camera built-in to record full 1080p video with. Built-in stabilization. It is perfect to watch these videos back on this gorgeous large Retina Display.

Fourth feature: voice dictation. Of course, we have our great software keyboard. We have a new key on the bottom — just tap it, speak into your iPad, and it’ll dictate what you have to say. The new iPad supports English, French, German, and of course now, Japanese.

Fifth feature: 4G LTE. Now the new iPad supports HSPA+ for up to 21Mbps, and if you haven’t heard about dual-carrier HSDPA for up to 42Mbps. LTE for max of 72Mbps. It’s amazing, you’re going to love using it on these new high speed networks. Both models are 3G worldready. “We’ve added software to make it a personal hotspot if your carrier supports the personal hotspot feature.”

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