Magento – Left/Right Callout open external link in new window

There are “magic” functions in Magento that allow you to literally create functions on the fly that handle the getting / setting of data. I have two callouts in the left column, one which points internally and one that points externally and I wanted only the external link to open in a new window. So, in page.xml layout, I added the following:

<block type="core/template" name="left.permanent.callout.survey" template="callouts/left_col.phtml"><action method="setImgSrc"><src>images/survey-promo-graphic.jpg</src></action><action method="setImgAlt" translate="alt"><alt>$5 off your next order</alt></action><action method="setLinkUrl"><url></url></action><action method="setLinkTarget"><target>_blank</target></action></block>

I added an action element with the method attribute of “setLinkTarget”, and a child element of “target” with the value of “_blank” (for my target attribute of the A tag). In left_col.phtml, I added the “target” element to the “a” element:

<a href="<?php echo $this->getLinkUrl() ?>" <?php if ($this->getLinkTarget()) { echo('target="'.$this->getLinkTarget().'"'); } ?>>

Because of the “magic” functions in Magento, I was able to retrieve the value of “_blank” and insert it into my a element to open the survey in a new window. Hope this helps others!

Another helpful link: Dynamic Left / Right Callout Block by Category AND file_exist

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