LinkedIn Security Team – You Suck!

So I got the infamous email from LinkedIn this morning about my password being compromised. My primary concern is what are they going to prevent this form happening again in the future. I was under the assumption that a technology company as big as LinkedIn would have an entire security team working 24/7 to prevent this from happening. Guess it was my fault for “assuming” that. Luckily the password I used for LinkedIn was unique for only LinkedIn.

Part 2

One clever developer quickly registered and built this website:

We have some bad news. 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords (unsalted SHA-1 hashes) were allegedly leaked, and many of those have already been cracked. (See Chris’s post for more info.) Some of us were victims, and we want to help you find out if you are a victim, too.

Just provide your password (which we hash with JavaScript; view source to verify) or a SHA-1 hash of your password below, and we’ll check.

Part 3

You can follow LinkedIn’s blog about security here:

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