LetsEncrypt: How to add an additional domain to an existing certificate with different working folders

Here’s the command:

/usr/local/bin/certbot-auto certonly –agree-tos –webroot -w /www/html/domain1.com -d domain1.com -w /www/html/domain2.com -d domain2.com -w /www/html/domain3.com -d domain3.com


Now let’s dissect it 🙂


This first part is OS specific, please update the path


and the command file may be different, mine was “-auto” yours may be just “certbot”



Second part, we only want the cert, so we just ask for it 😀




This one is pretty explainatory, but it does AUTOmatically agree to the TOS for you


–webroot -w /www/html/domain1.com

This is the primary cert’s web root folder


-w /www/html/domain2.com -d domain2.com

This is how you can add “x” amount of secondary domains to your cert


Here’a working example with 5 domains:

/usr/local/bin/certbot-auto certonly –agree-tos –webroot -w /www/html/domain1.com -d domain1.com -w /www/html/domain2.com -d domain2.com -w /www/html/domain3.com -d domain3.com -w /www/html/domain4.com -d domain4.com -w /www/html/domain5.com -d domain5.com


I hope this helps someone out there. It saved my bacon today x-)

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