How to install TinyMCE on your webserver and have it work with relative paths

TinyMCE’s documentation wasn’t very clear on this so I figured I would post something about it to help future google searchers. LOL!

I kept getting errors that “plugins” or “themes” was not found, LOADS of 404’s in my console…

I ended up having to specify a baseURL before the init.

So if your server was:

and your javascript was in:

and your tinymce files were in:

you would specify the baseURL path as such:

After I got that working right, the console log started to complain about “missing” files…

Basically, TinyMCE was looking for .js files instead of the pre-loaded .min.js files

So I had to add this

after that, I was in business!

Lastly, here’s my complete code so you can see it all put together



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