How to Upgrade Your Nexus 7 (WIFI, 2013, Razor) to Android 6.0 Marshmallow Using Windows 8.1

  1. Download the latest factory image (v6.0.0):

  2. Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot

  3. Download Google USB Drivers:

  4. Enable USB Debugging Mode on the Nexus 7:
    1. Part 1: Settings -> About -> Tap “Build Number” 7 times -> and then “Developer Options” will appear on the settings page
    2. Part 2: Press the back button -> Developer Options -> Enable USB Debugging Mode
  5. Plug the device into your computer, right click Computer, click Manage, select the Nexus 7 and click update driver, browse to the extracted “” file and click update
  6. Now that you have drivers installed you can proceed to flashing — install “minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.2_setup.exe”
  7. A command prompt window will popup after installation, go ahead and un-plug and re-plug in your tablet to make sure it detects debugging mode, click accept on the popup message on the tablet to accept debugging access
  8. Type in “adb reboot bootloader”
  9. The tablet will reboot to the bootloader, now you need to unlock the bootloader, so go ahead and type in “fastboot oem unlock”
  10. Open “razor-mra58k-factory-300dc903.tgz” with WinRAR and extract the files to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot”


  11. From the command prompt window, type in “flash-all”
  12. If everything went to plan, your screen should look like this:


  13. The tablet at this point should be rebooting. You’ll hear a few sounds from your desktop, notifying that the USB has disconnected and then reconnected, this is normal. The tablet is simply power cycling and upgrading the system image behind the scenes. After ~5 minutes, you should be at the welcome screen for Android 5.
  14. Once you get everything setup through the wizard, you’ll need to re-enable developer settings using the same steps you did before
  15. Once USB debugging is turned back on, un-plug and re-plug the USB cable to your desktop so it knows it is in debugging mode
  16. Open up “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” again from your computer and type in “adb reboot bootloader”
  17. The tablet should reboot back to the bootloader screen, go ahead and type “fastboot oem lock” to re-lock the bootloader for security purposes
  18. ….and that’s it! You are all done, enjoy the awesome new Android Lollipop running on your Nexus 7!

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