How to Properly Flash the Zidoo X6 Pro, From Scratch on Windows 7/8/10

Here’s what you’ll need:

DriverAssitant v4.3
This program will install the drivers for you.

FactoryTool v1.39
This program will flash the firmware to the device. I’ve already gone ahead and updated the config file for you so the default language is English.

Firmware File
This is the firmware file you will enter into the FactoryTool

Here’s what to do:


Using the double port USB cable (as show in the Figure), one connects to USB ⑦USB/OTG, the other connects to PC.


Press reset button, (If used for the first time, will show the drive installation; if failed, please make it with manual installation )


After finishing installation, it will show related connection “Port”, then click “ Run” and it will burn the firmware automatically.


The firmware is under burning, the icon that is in the upper right corner of will turn blue, and there is a prompt “Download Firmware..” on the middle port.


The firmware has been burning, it will show the ID and Time about finishing burning on the right.



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