How to Fix the OTA mobiecore issue on Android 4.4.2 Update on AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3

So I basically spent an entire day trying to track this problem down. Either way, I spent too much time to NOT share this information with the inter-w-e-b-zzzz

Phase 1) Download the following files and copy them to your EXTERNAL SD CARD


  • 1 – (download)
  • 2 – (download)
  • 3 – (download)
  • 4 – (download)
  • mobicore-presetup and rldv in a ZIP file (download)

NOTE: the only zip file you need to extract is “” (the one with the two SH files)

Phase 2) Prepare your windows files

Phase 3) Prepare the files to flash to your phone

Phase 4) Start flashing

  • Put your phone into download mode (turn the phone off, then hold the volume down + home button + power button)
  • Run Odin and match up all the settings to look like so:
  • Plug in the USB cable from your phone to your computer
  • Once the phone shows up in ODIN, click “start”


Phase 5) Reset your phone to the original firmware release, N900AUCUBMJ5

  • Follow this guide — start on step 4 and go through step 9 — step 10 is on this page, right below

10) After flashing the, your phone will reboot. Catch the reboot in time to reboot BACK into recovery. Once in recovery, select “choose update from external” in the recovery and then select the file 3 –

  • This will update you from MJ5 -> NB4

11) After you phone boots up and you are at the home screen,  plug your phone into your computer (we used windows 7/8) with the USB cable

12) copy the two SH files that you extracted from “” to the root directory of your PHONE

  • so the files from should be on the root directory of your PHONE and the root directory of your EXTERNAL SD CARD


14) Restart your phone (hold the power button and select restart — easy enough, right?)

15) If you didn’t restart your phone, do it now

16) Seriously, restart your phone

17) Okay, enough is enough, I’m going to tell you one last time, RESTART YOUR ^*@(*$& PHONE

18) here’s why you want to restart your phone:

  • While you are restarting your phone, it is going to take the two SH files you copied to your PHONE and EXTERNAL SD CARD and apply those updates to your phone to FIX the mobicore error message

19) now, one last time, restart your phone and go into RECOVERY MODE (power button + volume up + home button), this time select from SD card to update and click “4 –”

20) Your phone should now apply the Android 4.4.2 update successfully — enjoy!


A big thank you to both sources. Source 1 Source 2

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