Hardware – RAID0 Performance with 4 x 320GB Hard Drives

I had just about pulled the trigger on going with 4 SSD hard drives in a RAID0 configuration. A couple things stopped me from going that route:

1) Price, SSDs are still very costly in comparison to non-SSD hard drives
2) 4 SSD Hard Drives at a decent price, (I wasn’t about to spend $500/drive), still was not very much space, I had a target goal of around 1TB formatted to accommodate all the work I do on my desktop.
3) SATA 2.0 vs SATA 3.0. If I was going to go SSD I would want to take advantage of its speed entirely. That means I would also have to buy a RAID controller card that support 4 drives and ran SATA 3.0.

With these three variables I decided against it. and now I am very glad I did.

I was able to achieve great results today with a new hardware configuration on my desktop PC. I had been playing around with several different hard drive configurations.

  • RAID0 with 4x500GB 3.5″ 7200RPM Hard Drives
  • RAID0 with 3x500GB 3.5″ 7200RPM Hard Drives
  • RAID5 with 3x750GB 3.5″ 7200RPM Hard Drives

My latest configuration is very unique. It is 4 x 320GB 2.5″ (Single Platter) 7200RPM Hard Drives in a RAID0 config. With this, I was able to achieve great results.

Seq. Read: 828 MB/s
Seq. Write: 389.6 MB/s

These numbers are fantastic! Totally destroying SSD performance using SATA 2.0, oh yeah!

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