Gravity Forms: Debugging, How to Skip Pages on Multi-Page Forms

This snippet is specifically for developers to avoid having to submit every page of a form when debugging issues or developing very large multi-page forms. If you’re looking for a way to allow users to navigate your multi-page forms more readily, check out the Multi-page Form Navigation snippet.

How do I install this?

Just copy and paste this snippet into your theme’s functions.php file.

How does it work?

To skip a page, simply append the ?form_page=2 parameter to the URL of any page on which you are displaying a Gravity Form. Update the 2 to whichever page you wish to display.

Standard usage

Used with other parameters


And there you have it! Working with multi-page forms just got a lot easier. Think of all those long forms with required fields on every page. You don’t have to shudder at the thought any more!

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