Apple TV (3rd generation) Teardown

The A5 looks like APL2498. Judging what I have seen from iFixit for the N43V211 1207 N, the 1207 is manufacture year-week so 7th week of 2012. Of course there is another VTKC8017Q 1205, so perhaps 5th week of 2012.

-Also from the internet it seems the RAM is Hynix, H9TKNNN4K, what a quick search yielded was 512MB. I believe its the same RAM as the Kindle Fire, or at least so says the internet via iFixit, the Kindle Fire has OMP at the end(probably because its piggybacked onto the TI OMAP), where it look like ours has DMRCR at the end. I found nothing on the Hynix site less this:…MobileDDR2 At least going somewhat by the naming convention, a 4G is 4Gb(512MB), this one says 4K like Kindle Fire so it’s not a stretch.

-The Flash looks like Toshiba THGVX1G6D2HL A07, looking at this page as a guide to decipher the numbers:…id=1768484 it looks like 6 represents 8GB. No suprise there.

-SMSC LAN9730 USB to 10/100 ethernet

-If you look at the 2nd picture you can see the Wifi module, I didn’t feel like trying to get the heat spreader/EMI shield off it as it’s soldered on. I do however notice what looks to be a 2nd antenna that ATV2 didn’t have, MIMO, spacial stream, 5Ghz? Would be nice to help those trying to do 1080p over Wifi.

-TXC Mm3v 27.00

-TXC Mp3G 25.00

Apple A5
WiFi Module(unknown so far)
Toshiba THGVX1G6D2HL
Apple 34330479
Apple 33851949 A5
Antennas(opaque ovals)

SMSC LAN9730 USB2 to 10/100 Ethernet

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